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Posted by mitriks - August 5th, 2018

Minecraft servers

Who in the childhood did not dream to play and earn on it? Here, and I dreamed.
But this story is not about how to make money on your server. This story about the residents of the server - about the players.

I played a lot. Strongly bother with economic strategies, including the Civilization. For a couple of years he sat on Ultima. Tried to do some kind of a rally, but nothing happened. After the institute, I made TV programs for computer games - Zoom, FAQ, GameSport, CyberSport, CinemaGame: I had to play 4 new games every week. It was both cool and stressful, because no matter how cool the game was, you could play it only for a couple of days (for many hours, and you had to go through the game almost completely). And next week - for you again 4 games. He wrote texts and evaluated games, monitored, worked with authors of texts from all over the country, interviewed game developers, communicated with representatives of gaming magazines. In 2010, it was over ...

Frankly, when making programs about computer games, in 2009 I did not hear anything about maynkraft. Only in 2011 I hooked up to Minecraft and immediately launched my server for playing with friends from any place (from home and from work - first on an ancient laptop, then bought and assembled a special computer and only since 2012 the server works on hosting). This was exactly the game I've been looking for for many years - it allows you to play in free mode and constantly come up with something new. Almost immediately I realized that to implement all the ideas I needed a lot of helpers.

So, I present to your attention the most real Civilization on the Minecraft engine - with a first-person view and limitless possibilities.

The main essence of the game on our server is complete freedom and entrepreneurship. We do not have private parties, but stealing is not allowed = players need to bother with clever automated security systems (orange terrains on the map) with traps and teleporting violators to prison. Although, according to experience, 99% of newbies can not bypass such security systems, still the probability of theft remains. But you can not bother with alarms - the choice is always for the player.

Examples of Minecraft Servers:

Entrepreneurship? In Minecraft game? We have a private bank. In Minecraft. Who needs it? It turns out that the player himself could come up with and implement such a set of services (loans, mortgages, insurance, special kits for beginners). We have a well-developed trade between players - resources and real estate (territories, private apartments), extensive services (production of resources, delivery, advice on setting up security systems, bounty hunters, etc.).

Real estate in Minecraft? Almost it turns out (with our on-line). To save for a private apartment in a server without a private, you need at least a month. And this is in the best case - many and in a year of the game can not afford a private apartment. True, since version 1.11 the problem is becoming less relevant due to Schalker boxes, which serve as additional equipment. But still the balance of the game on our server is such that everything is valuable.

Players build automated stores. On plug-ins? No - on command blocks. Yes, we have command blocks available to players, but you can get them only for performing a complex quest for special enchantment = a separate topic for specializations, professions, trade and interaction between players. By the way, I just mentioned the division of labor on the server and various professions, which we call guilds (Wizards, Dwarves, Merchants, Builders, Warriors of the World). Naturally, everything is implemented by the game's possibilities and without plug-ins (colored nicknames and suffixes on the screenshot it's involvement in the guilds, prefixes - involvement in the clans) - for pumping in the guild you need to get experience (quests or buying from other players) in the form ... of course potions of experience! As in many other games - such cones are used for all sorts of "studies".

Posted by mitriks - November 29th, 2015


The first computer I have appeared in 2003. Thank you mom. I develop games since 2010. Slightly programmer, are few artists, a lot of game designer. Slightly musician and sometime construction worker. In my spare time I like to play Minecraft online at minecraftgames.co.uk

That's all. (watch for updates)